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I bought a netbook.

Sunday, February 12th, 2012 by Maxwell

Okay, I did it. I hopped aboard the netbook bandwagon. And what jewel pushed me over the edge? The Asus Eee PC 1000h.

Originally, I was one of those people who said, “Why would I get that, when, for the same price, I could get a full-sized laptop that dwarfs those puny netbooks in speed and functionality?” Was.

Really, what did it for me was the need (want) for a laptop. My roommates are always playing with their laptops downstairs, and I get jealous. For example, if I wanted to get in on an internet poker game they were playing, I’d have to either play on the HTPC, or go upstairs to the four-core powerhouse. The HTPC, while being quite feasible, is a bit ridiculous to play on because of the 42-inch “monitor” it’s connected to. That left me with the powerhouse — and that left me alone, upstairs.

I might post up a review at some point, although I modified it right after I bought it, so the review wouldn’t really be fair. We’ll see. If anyone genuinely wants to see a review/write-up, let me know. If I get more than 2 responses, I’ll definitely write something up.

As always: keep it real.