How to play Old Snakey while reading your Gmail…

Did you know that you can play Old Snakey, a fun snake-eating-dots game, within Gmail?

Me either. That is, until today.

I thought that it was pretty sweet, so I decided to write a how-to. That way, you too can play Old Snakey.

Old Snakey!

Good luck trying to beat my sweet high score! 😉

Click here to learn how to play Old Snakey.

17 Responses to “How to play Old Snakey while reading your Gmail…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s been almost a month since this last post… when are you going to update your site?

  2. Maxwell Says:

    Never! Muahahahaha!

  3. Tim Says:

    Not to boast, but I beat your score :)

  4. PearlandStephen Says:

    I didn’t get to see Tim’s high score (stupid flickr is blocked), but I just scored 240 (for the 2nd time, but I failed to get a screenshot the first time).

  5. pearlandStephen Says:

    I didn’t see Tim’s score (flickr blocked at work), but my high score is 250.

  6. Maxwell Says:

    Tim’s score was 180. 250 is pretty impressive — think you could get a screen shot of your high score?

  7. idk Says:

    how the heck do u get the game while gmailing?

  8. Maxwell Says:

    Are you serious?

  9. Josh Says:

    Well, not to boast, but i got 340 :) pssshhhh noobs

  10. Josh Says:

    ok, i’m to 510 now :)

  11. Josh Says:

    haha, now im at 670!!!!!!

  12. Weston Says:

    i beat all of your scores with four 460. how do u take a screen shot? i will prove it if needed

  13. Beck Says:

    Comparing scores is apparently meaningless as the game seems highly CPU-dependent. On my old Pentium 4 the game doesn’t even speed up beyond say a a score of 60. On a current machine it speeds up faster. How can such a simple game use so much CPU power…ridiculous.

  14. PANDA Says:

    MUAHHAA im at 730

    Im da master!

  15. David Says:


  16. Jillian Says:

    Well now…. I’ve never played old snakey before… sad day….. you guys kinda need a hobby though….

  17. Cak101 Says:

    woah! 670??? I got to 240

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