Samsung SyncMaster 225BW 22in LCD Monitor Review

Written by: Maxwell Anderson
Date: November 8th, 2009
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Samsung is one of those brands that have been around for a really long time. I don’t know how many people associate the name “Samsung” with quality as people do with a brand such as Sony, but I know that I’ve never had a problem with anything I’ve ever purchased that carried the Samsung brand. Two Samsung products in particular stick in my mind: an 8X DVD drive, and a 19″ CRT flat-screen monitor. The 8X DVD drive came in a pre-built computer that I bought when 500mhz was still considered pretty fast. That drive has been in use more than 5 years, through many different computers, and it’s still kicking. It’s honestly the only one I have that’s fast enough to be useful and actually still works. My 19″ monitor has been on for most of every day since 2003, and it’s still working just as strong as the day I bought it. That monitor was, and is still, in my opinion, one of the clearest CRT monitors in existence, even better than the Trinitrons. Maybe I got lucky and happened to get a really good one, but I’m just going to go ahead and assume that Samsung makes some pretty decent stuff. Just a few days ago, I purchased a Samsung 225BW 22″ widescreen LCD monitor. Did I buy it simply because it was Samsung? Of course not, I know better than to fall into love with brand names like that. I bought it because it was the most visually appealing. I’m not talking about the picture quality, either. The monitor itself is quite handsome. The fact it has some nice specs is just a bonus. (Please note that this review was conducted in “Analog Mode,” and not “Digital Mode,” just ’cause that’s how I roll. Most of the same information should apply if you desire to run it using the DVI connection.)

I got these straight from the horse’s mouth, at

Viewable area: 22″ wide
Pixel Pitch: 0.282 mm
Brightness (Typical): 280 cd/m2
Response Time (Typical): 5ms (gray-to-gray)
Viewing Angle (H/V, Typical): 160deg/160deg (CR>5)
Native Resolution: 1680 x 1050
Interface: Analog/Digital
Power Consumption: 55 Watts (max)
Dimensions: 19.9″(W) x 16.1″(H) x 8.7″(D) (w/stand)
Special Features: MagicTune with asset management, MagicColor, MagicBright2
Warranty: 3 years parts and labor

The Samsung SyncMaster 225BW is the most elegantly-designed 22″ widescreen monitor that I have seen. It’s simple looking, and I dig that. The 225BW has a nice thin black frame surrounding the screen, and some small buttons in the bottom right-hand side. The “On” button, when clicked, turns a blue color, which is a nice change from the usual green. I’d say that this monitor, just by the way it looks, is geared to the business office environment. It’s simple looking and it does its job nicely. It’s good for more than office work, though, as it is a relatively high-performance monitor – just check the specs above. Not only is great looking, but it’s also very solid. This is one well-made monitor. Aside from being very solid, it tilts back and forth very smoothly and features a vertical adjustment system that is beyond compare.

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