Westinghouse 22″ LCD Monitor Review Posted!

I’ve put up a review of the Westinghouse LCM-22W2 22″ LCD Monitor. If you’re in the market for a bigger than average monitor, check this review out.. now.

Image for LCM-22W2 Review

Seriously, go check out the review.

One Response to “Westinghouse 22″ LCD Monitor Review Posted!”

  1. Joe Anderson Says:

    Excellent review that assisted me in making the decision to purchase, exactly as recommended…… :”buy if the price is right.” The price was right and I purchased the monitor and expect delivery tomorrow. I especially enjoyed the review because it was thorough and provided a picture of exactly what was in the box. I plan to continually check in to this site and hope to read many more reviews to assist me in future purchases. Thanks for doing the hard work so I didn’t have to.

    Joe A. Sacramento, CA

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